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On the occasion of the 55th Greek Theater Festival of Syracuse from May 9th to July 6th, Hotel Casale Milocca in agreement with the National Institute of Ancient Drama offers at hid guests tickets at the discounted price of € 30.00 for the numbered places  of the sectors (E, F, G, H, I, P) for the shows that will be performed on Friday and Saturday and for the numbered sectors (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, P) related to the shows in the days from Sunday to Thursday.

Book your stay at Hotel Casale Milocca and live the magical atmosphere of Classical Performances at the Greek Theater in Syracuse, you will find your discounted tickets inside the room and if you wish you can book your dinnerby the pool at the end of the theathral show.

La trama | The plot

The Plot – Elena

The goddess Hera creates a ghost in all similar to Helen and sends it to Troy with Paride, while the true Helen is hidden by Hermes in Egypt as guest of King Proteus.

On the death of Proteus, the Teocliman son undermines Elena, who rejects him, partly because the sister of Teoclimeno, the priestess Teonoe (able to see the future), has predicted that he will see her husband Menelaus.

Elena is thinking of her sad fate when she sees the Greek messen- ger Teucro arrive.


The Plot – Le Troiane

The Trojan men were slaughtered and the women assigned as slaves to the winners.

Cassandra is given to Agamemnon, Andromache to Neoptolemus and Ecuba to Odysseus.

Andromache suffers a terrible fate: Astianatte, the son of Ettore, is killed by the Greeks to prevent one day from aveng- ing his father’s death. Hecuba and Helena find themselves in a sort of judicial agony, to establish the responsibilities of the outbreak of war.

Meanwhile, the little body of Astianatte is returned to Hecuba for the funeral rite.

Troy is given to the flames while the prisoners greet their city for the last time.


The Plot – Lisistrata

Lysistrata, convenes the women of Athens and other cities, including the Spartan Lampitò, to discuss an important problem: because of the Peloponnesian war, the men of the Greek polis are perpetually committed to fighting and no longer have time to being with their women.

Lysistrata proposes to all of them to make a sex strike: as long as men do not sign peace, they will refuse to have sex with their men.

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